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S.O.R.A for Active Police Officers

For active police officers that would like to be certified the S.O.R.A course. 

Course location: 134 Evergreen Pl., Suite 701, East Orange, NJ.

$75 registration with N.J. Sate Police online.

$67.50 for fingerprints.

S.O.R.A Renewal

Our re-certification class is $40.00.

S.O.R.A Renewal Pricing - $80.25 to the NJ State Police for online renewal.

8 hour re-certification class

All of our instructors are trained and certified professional.

Your S.O.R.A card must be renewed before it expires! It must be renewed online with the New Jersey State Police up to 90 days before it expires. Security officers must then take the 8 hour course.

If your S.O.R.A card does expire you must repeat the initial process for getting your S.O.R.A license. 


S.O.R.A Initial license 

24 hours required course to work as new security officer.

Course location - 134 Evergreen Pl. Suite 701, East Orange, New Jersey

S.O.R.A Pricing - $75 State Police registration (credit card required) once you are registered with State Police you have 30 days to take a S.O.R.A class and get fingerprints done. Click Here to register with the NJ State Police.

Our 24 hour S.O.R.A course is $75

State required fingerprinting is $67.50.

When all 3 required steps are done within 30 days, you will recieve your S.O.R.A license card in the mail from the New Jersey State Police within 5 to 10 business days. 

All of our personel are trained professionals and certified as per the Security Officers Registration Act (S.O.R.A).